Régulateur d'allure : Hydrovane model VXA2D L

Hydrovane would give you more confidence in your boat and passages:
• Delivers better sailing performance, better boat stability, more natural boat motion, better course made
• Gain a dependable crew member – on duty 24/7 to steer the boat
• Functional in all but lightest of winds. Could have boat speed issues with a servo system
• Need for emergency steering is critical - too often overlooked
• Main steering system has a big holiday – reduces its probability of failure
• Nothing improves a boat’s stability more than a fixed main rudder – better than all the alternatives:
steering by human, autopilot or servo systems – because it minimizes over or under steering - means a
better course to the wind, faster boat speed and more natural boat motion
• If you are a single hander or standing watch alone, ease of use is a big help


You will need two brackets:
• Upper – a hinged ‘H’ bracket
• Lower – a double strut ‘A’ bracket – which struts you will cut to size
The ‘A’ is expensive as it is designed to be easy to work with… and is very strong. For fitting:
• Arms can swivel up and down
• Arms expand in and out (40 degrees to 80 degrees)
• End flanges fully rotate to become flush with any surface
• Struts/tubes cut to desired length - please advise us if they need to be longer than the standard 31 in./80
cm. - actually have a 35 in./90 cm. reach
• Then all bolted tight.
The tubes for the struts provide a standard reach of 35 inches/ 90 cm. Of course, there is no limit on how long they
may be. We can provide whatever length – just ask – a bit of extra charge.

Our shafts have standard lengths that vary in 10 in /25 cm increments. The determinants in the shaft length decision
are generally to put the Drive Unit at the height that is easiest for operating. Other limiting factors such as arches
and mizzens might change the shaft and vane required.
For your boat we suggest an ‘L’ Long shaft – will put the base of the Drive Unit at 53 in /135 cm above the water.

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